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Shipwrecked in Key Largo

Divers from DiveYeti headed down to the Florida Keys to spend three days diving the wrecks of their blue coast.  It was nice to see everyone come out especially because we are scattered all over the country.  We had six divers from five different states including Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Florida, and Washington come out to dive the USS Spiegel Grove and USCGC Duane.  I will post some of the highlights of each dive and then look for more posts in the coming weeks that will include maps of the USS Spiegel Grove, photos, and hopefully a video.  We dove with Silent World Dive Center which is one of the best shops in Key Largo.  They filled 10,112 cubic feet of Nitrox for us over three days of diving and gave us some awesome information on a “potential” full sized basketball court in the Grove.  Needless to say we will be back and thank the team at Silent World for an awesome trip.

USS Spiegel Grove Highlights:

  • Heavy current that whipped us like a flag
  • Propellers and rudder
  • “Top Dog” Insignia (Snoopy)
  • The plaques that contain the names of donors to support the artificial reef
  • The American Flag on the control tower
  • The hatch leading to the engine room (next trip will be to the engine room)
  • Several Goliath grouper

USCGC Duane Highlights:

  • Smoke stack
  • A vent that leads below decks where you can see paper on the walls and what I think is a coffee pot (I need to find a way in there)
  • A path below decks (next trip)
  • PJ chasing a Goliath grouper
  • Aaron following a 7′ long Moray Eel
  • A Sea Turtle chasing Jimmy


  • Good Food
  • Cold Beer

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