The Quest to Dive All of the Wrecks in the Northwest

In the spirit of adventure my dive buddy and I picked up a first edition copy of “Northwest Wreck Dives” by Scott Boyd and Jeff Carr. It is an excellent resource for researching, locating, and planning for diving most of the wrecks in Washington State and the surrounding area. It has inspired us to try and dive every single wreck in the book and to try and find more wrecks that haven’t yet been found. As we embark on this journey we will try to keep this site up-to-date with posts, reports, media, and we will also create a map of the sites that we have been to.

If anyone has any suggestions about which wreck to dive next or any tips about a potential undiscovered wreck or if you feel like joining us please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Our map: Northwest Wreck Map
The book: Northwest Wreck Dives

Until next time, happy diving!

Flounder at Alki Cove 2

Last Tuesday my dive buddy and I headed to Alki Cove 2 in West Seattle to search for the Giant Pacific Octopus that lives under the Honey Bear and to try and prepare for our upcoming trip to Key Largo, FL.  The conditions were not optimal, low visibility and a lot of chop, but they were good enough to dive.  We geared up, began the rather long surface swim to the buoy, and descended.  After 55 minutes of searching for this Octopus and other assorted creatures I stumbled upon this flounder.  It was a good opportunity to use my new dive light along with my GoPro to see if I could get any decent video.  The light I was using was the Long Burn version of the original Dusty light (http://www.dustys-lights.com/).  It is rather powerful and can wash out the video you are shooting if you aren’t careful.  I hope to do a review of the light in an upcoming post but until then enjoy the video and happy diving!

Just Chilling

As you have probably noticed we have decided to start reworking the layout of the site.  We have already restructured the homepage to only display our posts and no external ones.  You can still view external posts in the Dive News section.  We will also be adding new photos and content under the resources tab that will include gear reviews and other useful information that our club uses before any dive.  While dogging through photos I found this one of a Sea Turtle on the YO-257 off of Hawaii.  I only did some minimal editing on this using Picasa and yes, it was shot on a Go Pro Hero 3+.

Happy Diving!

Sea Turtle on the YO-257!